What to do?

I have a few issues, just like everyone else.

However, my current giant flaw is my inability to be mean. Seriously, I’m totally a “tell it like it is” kinda girl, but I can usually say it with as much grace as I can muster. I don’t like to hurt people’s feelings or make them feel bad at all. It makes me cringe to hear others be hateful and ugly to anyone–be it cashier, receptionist, or even the doctor!

Tuesday, Jack had part one of his testing for this year’s IEP. He did terrible. It was painful to watch. They wanted a kid with an essential tremor to write and draw and lace a shoe (trust me, I get that they have to do it, but they drug it out far longer than they should). They even asked him to cut shapes out with scissors. I momentarily feared for my son’s life!

Our IEP is set for October. I’m not at all nervous about the meeting, but about how to ask for what I think is appropriate without hurting his teacher.

She’s nice. Really nice. Sorta.

See, she sort of wants everything to go her way, and I’ve spent 3 years allowing her to think that she’s getting her own way, while really directing things to the way they should be done. She grumps around and I smile and change the subject. She tells Jack to do better, and I tell him he’s doing great! It’s quite the symbiotic relationship. heh.

She’s totally old school.

What I want is to get Jack one of those fancy Apple tablets that he can do his work on. I know he could learn his letters and numbers, but I’m not sure my kid can ever write. He just has such a hard time. He doesn’t just have CP, he’s got this tremor. And it’s pretty significant.

She seems to think he’s just not trying hard enough.

She’s also not with him 99% of the time.

So, here’s my plan: I’m going to tell them how great they are doing (cough) with him, but that I have some concerns. Then I will voice those concerns in a manner which makes it seem like I want their opinion, but more like “this is what should happen, and can we make it happen?”

Is that what you would do?

I just can’t be mean! 😉

(Also, do you have assistive technology? Do you love it?)

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