…But What About the “Other” Kid?

Jack is homebound currently. We are anticipating him entering a virtual school next fall. If not, then he’ll homebound some more.

Jack isn’t my only child. I have a very neuro-typical child. As a matter of fact, she’s the most wonderful kid in the whole world. She’s bright and compassionate and funny (just like her mom! HA!). Until three years ago, she attended public school. I wasn’t thrilled with our choices for public schools, but it worked.

Then, when more and more of Jack’s issues came to light (mostly the fact that his lungs are junk and he’s so immunocompromised), we pulled her out and put her in K12’s online virtual school. It’s free public school conducted on a computer. It’s awesome!

I was criticized by everyone from my own family to “teachers” who thought I was doing a disservice to my daughter.

“She needs socialization!”

My answer is simple: I now have the time to allow her to do sports (she’s a swimmer) and take classes (art or what have you) during the day. She meets friends and is perfectly adjusted and happy.

“How will she ever go to college?”

As a college level instructor, I am well aware of the college environment. She will be prepared because she is learning, in this school, to be independent and self motivated to study. I think she’ll fare much better than many of her classmates, as she will have a better grasp of how to study without someone guiding her and holding her hand!

My worries about Jack will never go away. However, I feel like we have made a decision that will allow our environment to be more “safe” during the seasons of sickness.

Have you ever considered home school? Virtual school? Alternative schools? If so, what do you like/not like?

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