Post-IEP Discussion..

Wednesday was Jack’s IEP.

Let me give you a little back story here. Jack’s “teacher” is a special education professional, who routinely wears fake hair and loud (loud isn’t the best adjective, but that’s all I can come up with) jumpers/sweaters. We refer to her as The General, because, quite frankly, that’s how she acts. Things go her way or no way. So, you know about how well that works with special needs kids, right?


Anyway, The General had a death in her family and couldn’t make the IEP, so she sent her underling. Sitting in my living room, we had the SLP, the Underling, and us. We discussed Jack’s strengths and weaknesses. We discussed my concerns.

We are getting an assistive technology evaluation (yippee!). They are also sending out an occupational therapist to see us. Although, we were told they won’t do therapy at the house (so, like, what’s the point?).

They then began to admonish us for not putting Jack in school. They acknowledge that there are major health concerns (oh, you know, what’s wrong with subjecting him to death for the sake of school?), but they want him to enter the Medically Fragile Classroom. This classroom is located approximately 47 minutes from my house. I asked about the home bound program, and they said that it would probably be difficult to have the doctor write a note to allow that (really? The kid is on palliative care, I’m pretty sure that’s not a problem!).

It just was.

It wasn’t great. It wasn’t terrible. It just was. I utilized my gift of humility and grace, while still using my educated, non-aggressive words to get my points across. It worked well. It’s over.

Now, on to bigger and better things!

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