Friday Frustrations…

You know, I hate to be a whiner. It’s just not part of my chemical make up. BUT, sometimes, by the time I get drug through the week by my hair, Friday is just the most frustrating day of the week! I feel like I’ve spent all week fighting with or for something, I get to Friday, and then I have to wait 2 days for it to be Monday so I can start again!

Can you relate?

So what are you frustrated about this week? I’ll go first, then you tell me about yours in the comments, K?

1. Husbands: I love mine dearly, but so many times he thinks that nothing is a big deal or worth worrying about. Things not worrysome would include the fact that we need to plan a humungous “move” within the next…oh 3 weeks?!!

2. My Mother-in-Law (enough said).

3. My job. I teach at a college. Most of the time the children feel like they are entitled to my time or they treat me like dirt. I’d like to retire.

4. Doctors. Doctors who don’t return phone calls, call in prescriptions that they said they would, or fill out paperwork that was to be turned in a month ago.

5. People who call my house in the middle of the day. Seriously, I don’t have time to pee by myself, why would you think I could have an adult conversation while home schooling 2 children–one who has major health and learning issues!?!?

6. Cooking dinner. I am in a funk. I can’t figure out what to cook anymore. And usually by the time it’s time for dinner, I can’t remember my name or what day it is!

7. I mean, I understand the new timeline and all, but it hasn’t managed to shut up all the people who have nothing better to do than to be passive-aggressive all day!

8. My eyebrows. I have forgotten about them for so long, I now look like Bert (from Sesame Street).

9. Christmas. Look, I know it’s coming, but I don’t need reminders before Halloween.

10. Navigating the grocery with a wheelchair. Seriously, whoever designed grocery stores, never did it while wielding a wheelchair. (Um, cleanup in Aisle 1!)

Let those frustrations out! Come on! It’s fun! (Probably quite therapeutic too!)

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