Try This Tuesday #37: Having a Little Fun

Try This Tuesday

Welcome to another Try This Tuesday. For details on how to participate, please check out the welcome post. If you’d like to join in but aren’t sure what to write about, try the topic suggestion for this week: Having A Little Fun.

Is there an activity you’ve done with your child or something your child has participated in that shows their fun or adventurous side? Let’s get some ideas from each other for fun things to do with our kids.

Some Simple Things

On a day to day basis, my husband really enjoys exposing Michael to some of his favorite music and superhero cartoons – such as the Justice League. They love to go to movies together and to the library or the used CD/DVD store to hunt for treasures. In fact, they just went and saw Monsters vs. Aliens this weekend.

With me, Michael tends to prefer playing card and board games or, more recently, going on the Webkinz site to play with his many pets (that was his primary birthday request to everyone in the family!). Although he can navigate the site and play many of the games by himself, it is a lot more fun when we do it together.

One of our goals this year is to do more fun things outdoors. A lot of our activities have been pretty sedentary, and we need to get up and get moving!

A Bit More Excitement

One of the great things about living just a few miles from the sweetest place on earth (aka Hershey, Pennsylvania) is our proximity to Hersheypark. All three of us enjoy amusement parks, so investing in season passes has been a great thing for our family. With a season pass, we can have all the fun and adventure we want – even if some days a couple of hours is all we can take!

Now that Michael has reached the 4′ mark, his choice in rides has really opened up. Some of his choices are a bit too adventurous for me, so that’s where Dad comes in. 🙂

Michael and I can also take someone other than Dad with us if he is at work, thanks to the Companion Pass we were able to purchase. Many amusement parks offer similar arrangements, as well as other accommodations for guests with disabilities.

So, that’s a few of the things we do together for fun in our family. I guess we stay pretty close to home, but maybe we will get some ideas from the rest of you and be more adventurous this year!

Please join in and share the creative solutions YOU have found to your own challenges, or feel free to post your own challenge for input from others.

Topic Suggestion for Next Week: Safety Awareness. How are you teaching your child to be safe, whether it is around traffic, water, strangers, or some other area? Are there situations where you have seen your child show he can handle himself well, or things you are still working on?

As the host of Try This Tuesday, Trish shares some of the solutions she has found to make life easier and invites you to do the same. You can also find her blogging at Another Piece of the Puzzle and Autism Interrupted.

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