What Really Matters

I don’t know about all of you, but I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed again. Thanksgiving went better than could ever be expected, and throughout the weeks leading up to it and immediately after, I held everything else at arm’s length. I have never been a “Black Friday” participant, and this year more than ever we’re watching our pennies so it was natural to put off any other holiday plans. Then late Sunday when I started looking at the week ahead I realized that the time before Christmas is shortened somewhat by where Winter Break falls. There are lots of projects to be accomplished before then, and not much money or time to handle it all:

  • Family gifts
  • Teacher gifts
  • Birthday parties
  • Going away parties
  • Two exceptional homework assignments
  • “Annual” Christmas letter (never finished last year’s…)
  • An IEP team meeting (just for kicks…)

I’m sure I’m fogetting a thing or two, and then all the usual keeping the routine going activities…When I stop to think about it all my heart rate goes up, and then I remind myself to breathe.

Earlier today a fellow special needs mom posted this on Facebook, “There are fewer things more important to me than being a great Mom and a great friend.”

…and as I was running late (again) to pick up the twins from preschool on my way toward running to pick up craft supplies for the teacher gift her words echoed through my brain…

There really aren’t that many things that really matter in this world. There are a lot of wonderful things, events, happenings, and feelings, but the people in our lives matter the most. Keeping people in the front of my mind rather than my to do list I hope will keep that fluttery feeling from taking over.

How do you keep it all in perspective?

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