How Many Caseworkers Do You Have?

My calendar this time of the year gets a little cramped. We have a few birthdays (read that as all three kiddos), obviously Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years (which also happens to be our anniversary). There’s only two annual events I attend for any given year…both this month – what AM I going to make for that cookie exchange anyway?!?

Of course we always have EEGs this time of the year too…one already scheduled this month….not to mention the one in October. Our annual IEP’s, etc., etc.

Looking at this particular calendar in this particular year, I noticed something else…I have appointments for the next 3 Tuesdays all at the same time (ironically). Even more interesting, they’re all with ‘caseworkers’. Caseworkers…what one used to think was reserved for ‘bad parents’ and (not considering myself a bad parents), I have quite a few.

This little realization had me breaking out my fingers to do the counting of caseworkers:

School District
Long Term Care
Home Health Care
Neurology / Epilepsy
Rehabilitative Services
County Run Services (aka Pathways Services)….

While I don’t scoff at any, while I know they’re each necessary, provide usefulness and ensuring our child, our family is getting the services we need…one can’t help but say, “WOW, that’s a lot of caseworkers”.

A number of appointments to keep. Monthly check-in’s, biannual and annual meetings, different paperwork to be completed, updated, tons of questions, the continuation of the never ending feeling that’s attached itself to us on our journey – the feeling that all we do is repeat ourselves.

And yet, I know people have more than we do. Then many more can there be?

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