Special Needs Learning Resources from PCI Education

As parents, we spend years focused on our child’s education. We want to know what they’re learning, how they are progressing, how it will all fit into their future endeavors, not only with later grade levels but with life. We want to do the best we can to help them succeed.

Which is why when a child has learning challenges, whether because of special needs, developmental disabilities, or other struggles with comprehension and retention, parents often look to professional resources for help.

PCI Education is one such resource.

PCI Education Your Special Education Partner

Billing themselves as “Your Special Education Partner,” PCI Education has been offering top-quality education products and services for more than 20 years. With materials for all grade and learning levels, PCI Education carries products for a variety of subjects, including social studies, math, science, life skills, reading, spelling, and more.

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PCI Education products are used to support students in public schools and home schools, by teachers and parents alike. Key facts about PCI Education:

  • PCI Education products are highly visual, with a clean and uncluttered layout to assist struggling learners.


  • Lesson plans include many tactile and kinesthetic activities to foster increased motivation and retention.


  • Game formats allow students to interact with the subject.


  • The company’s products serve five diverse markets: secondary special education, secondary at-risk, elementary special education, intellectual disabilities, and English language learners.


Since education plays such an important role in laying a foundation for future success, it’s important that parents of children with special needs and learning challenges have a resource like PCI Education to turn to for information and support.

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