Parenting and World War II Movies – The Big Realization

We’re in the trenches, people. We eat, sleep and breathe what our kids need at home. Advocate for them at school and in extracurricular activities. Read and pursue resources. Maybe even dream about them. I know I do. With two girls diagnosed with a slew of different special needs and their sisters who’s lives have acquired some secondary ones of their own, it’s truly a 24/7 life in the trenches.

Which is why escape is a welcome pastime. Personally, I love movies, mostly because I’m a closet geek and enjoy biographies and World War II films. I didn’t realize until tonight, when I picked a film to watch, that there’s probably a reason I resonate with this genre. Can you spot it in this photo?

Don’t you just feel like this a lot of the time?

Yeah, me too.

What can we learn from war movies that helps us parent in the trenches with our own kids?

  • We’re not the only ones with dirt in our hair. Every parent is in the trench whether their child is in a wheelchair, on psychotropic meds, or “typcial.”
  • It’s okay to make little mistakes along the way. History will only remember the big picture.
  • Because of that, it’s our job to enjoy the small joys that history will overlook. If we don’t, they’re lost forever.
  • In the toughest moments, we can choose either to let it bring out our best, or our worst. But it’s always our choice.
  • The guy on the opposing side is a human being too, and worth respect.
  • Victory comes not necessarily to the smartest or strongest, but to the most persistent.
  • Even the toughest battles eventually end.

We may have been drafted into the wars we face raising, advocating, and helping our kids, but we can come through them strong. Even if we feel as exhausted as the guy on this movie coverĀ  looks :).

Keep up the fight!



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