Blind Photographers

Think you can’t take good photos? Stop your whining…you have absolutely no excuse.

Blind Photographers is a blog and photo archive of work by…yes…photographers who have visual challenges, including complete blindness.

The BlindSighted Project allows members of Blind Photographers to explore challenges related to our eyesight, challenges that affect our image-making process. This project is an opportunity to explore how we approach photography.

Visit the blog, view the photos, the project and read the photographers’ profiles…you will be inspired to pick up your camera and start shooting right now…to shoot anything, everything.

There is also a forum, DAB Photography Online – Bringing Disabled and Able-Bodied Photographers Together

This site has been developed to bring the disabled and able-bodied who share an interest of photography together, whether you are an experienced photographer or would like to take up photography as a new hobby.

Did you notice the forum is all about inclusion…developed to bring the disabled and able-bodied who share an interest of photography together. Yeah, I’m all over that one.

My friend pointed me to this…go…

Unusual as the idea may seem at first, putting cameras in the hands of visually impaired children proved to be extremely fruitful — both for the photographers, who found an astonishing new means of self-expression, and for the viewers of their images, for whom this is an entirely new kind of dreamlike and intuitive creation. Even before you know that these pictures were taken by blind teenagers, they are striking in their use of light and composition, and haunting in their chiaroscuro intensity.

One more thing, think about this…

Do you sometimes limit your child’s abilities by limiting their access to activities which interest them simply because you think they can’t do it? We’re each guilty of this on some level…special needs or not…but we’re striving to do better, aren’t we?

Melody can be found at 5M4SN and at Slurping Life sharing photos and a few words from her special life.

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