Send a Special Thank You to a Favorite Doctor

Originally posted on my own site ( I wanted to share this with all of you. The Autism Science Foundation is an amazing organization and is have a unique fundraiser.

I’m lucky to be blessed with such amazing doctors that have helped us with our journey into Autism. Dr. Moe from Children’s Hospital in Denver is amongst my favorites. His kind words and gentle demeanor wrapped around me like a hug as he explained the different tests we should do back when my son was just 9 months old and showing the first signs that something was amiss.

The Autism Science Foundation has a great way I can thank Dr. Moe. By donating $15, they will send him a card, thanking him for me, for helping on our journey with Autism.

This program ends on National Doctor’s Day, Friday, March 3oth, so if you are thinking of donating, keep that date in mind.

Doctors care for us in our time of need. They work nights, weekends and holidays. They spend years preparing for careers of service and healing. Their focus is on you and your family.

Say “thank you” to the remarkable doctors in your life and show them how much you value their commitment to your family’s good health. Make a donation in their honor on National Doctors’ Day to express your gratitude.

For over twenty years, National Doctors’ Day has been observed on March 30. It is a day that offers us all an opportunity to express our admiration and appreciation to those who improve our lives and the lives of our children through clinical practice and research.

Make a donation today in honor of the many wonderful doctors in your family’s life. With each $15 donation to ASF, we’ll deliver a card to the doctors you have honored. Thank your child’s pediatrician, your own internist, your OB/GYN, all of the physicians who touch your life, and show them you care by donating to autism research and education in their honor. The cards are suitable for autism related physicians as well as those in other areas of practice.

Every doctor will appreciate a donation made in their name to support medical research. And your charitable gift will go directly to support our autism research programs to help develop new treatments for children, teens and adults with autism.

Send a clear message to the physicians in your life letting them know how much you value their service to your family. Wish them a Happy Doctors’ Day!

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