Mommy Boost

Dear mom you are the best cook in the world you cook good things to eat Love

My early Mother's Day present from the child


I feel like I haven’t been doing that great a job for the child lately. She has regressed a bit in her behavior at home, and my reaction has not been what I want it to be. Instead of figuring out a way to support her better I’ve been regressing myself…back to my old ways of getting frustrated and losing my temper. I need to get a grip, and soon.


The other day we were hanging out in our home office while the twins took an oh so increasingly rare nap. I was pounding away on work. She was taking her after school, pre-homework break. Many times she prefers to be out in the yard on one of our swings scoring vestibular input and working off pent up social angst. Imagine my surprise when she handed me this sweet little note…

Dear mom you are the best cook in the world you cook good things to eat  Love…

Actually cooking hasn’t been tops on my priority list lately either, but evidently it is suiting her just fine. What’s awesome is that it used to be a struggle to get her to eat just about anything. Picture tomato-based stew tossed willfully to the floor and you’ll have an accurate image of our dinner dynamics…and now I am deemed the best cook in the world. What’s double awesome is writing is still quite a little chore for her, but she decided this was important enough to put it in writing.

I sure hope she’ll remember the good parts most.

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