Ready for Summer?

idyllic Summer in the tropics

I could be ready if Summer looked like this around here

I’m not.

Friends keep telling me how excited they are for Summer. School’s out – no more drop off, no more pick up, no more lunches to pack, no more homework. I do like all of those things. Really, I do. What I’m not ready for are the long (really long) days with three busy kids who expect me to be chief activities director. I haven’t signed them up for any classes yet. I keep saying I need to get a calendar out and start marking possible road trip dates…so why don’t I just get it over with and do it?

Good question…I don’t know…

We had a great Summer last year as I recall, but I didn’t do much except keep the kids busy. Things have shifted over the year and I’m now much more “responsible” for some work for our business. I think I’m dreading trying to balance that with keeping the kids busy. Not just busy, but productively engaged, as this is almost essential to the child being able to maintain good behavior. It is always a big switch for her to go from school days with lots of structure to Summer vacation with very little. While I know she is tired and NEEDS a break, I also know that pretty soon she’ll be missing that sense of always having something fairly interesting to do. We also have some pretty big challenges to work on over the Summer and as wiped out as I am I’m not sure how we’ll pull it off.

We’ll do it. It’s just that I can’t seem to catch the “Can’t Wait for Summer” bug. I’m just not ready…

How do you fill your Summer days?

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