Try This Tuesday #42: Know Who To Call For (IEP) Help

Try This Tuesday

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Good News and Bad News

I was pleased last Thursday to receive a draft copy of my son’s IEP, a week ahead of the team meeting as I had requested. Yippee!!

Less pleasing was the fact that several things I fully expected to see in the draft were not there, despite conversations and emails about them with the case manager. After venting to a good friend that evening, I sat down to read the document again and began outlining my thoughts on the various issues in play.

In Need of Some Help

I realized that not only do I need to get my emotions in check before the big day, but that I also need some additional information to understand the ramifications of certain areas.

There are lots of great websites, books and other resources on the topic of IEPs and special education; here are a couple of previous posts with some of these links:

I decided to reach out to one of those resources, the Parent Center for our area of the U.S. In addition to leaving a message for the appropriate person at that organization, I also called and left a message on the ConsultLine run by the Bureau of Special Education here in Pennsylvania.

Between these two contacts, I should be able to finalize my game plan for Friday and hopefully see us move one step closer to a solid IEP for the next year.

If that doesn’t work, a few rounds of the IEP Show Down game from Moms of Special Needs Children (an amazing resource on special education, by the way) should do the trick. 🙂

Please join in and share the creative solutions YOU have found to your own challenges, or feel free to post your own challenge for input from others.

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