Be Prepared….

Living in Florida, I know a bit about natural disasters. Like when, in 2005, 3 hurricanes hit us in 6 weeks. I got a new roof twice.

Back then, I only had the Girl Child, who was 5. She was self-sufficient, opinionated, and stubborn–but she knew when Momma said, “Get in the bathroom and cover up with a mattress, ” I meant business!

Fast forward to now. Jack is part of us. He requires extra preparation and forethought.

Did you know…that there are a TON of states that could, at any time, be hit by a hurricane? Did you know that September is the month when hurricanes most likely occur? Did you know that most people don’t enjoy fighting over bread and milk the day before the Big One? Did you know this list is good for blizzards, plagues of locusts, and other such things?


1. Prior to the start of hurricane season, assess the water situation…

Make sure that you have enough water for one gallon per person per day. It sounds excessive maybe, but after being without power for nearly a week, you use that water for drinking, flushing, bathing… so maybe you should get more! More is always better!


2. Stock up…

Batteries, flashlights, candles, lighters, potato chips, non-perishable foods…get some. Keep them in one place (I keep mine in a tote box) so when and if you need them, they are readily accessible.


3. If you have a child on a special diet…stock up.

It’s always when you need extra, that you don’t have extra.


4. Buy a weather radio.

People rely far too much on the wonders of the Internet and television. Trust me, if the power goes out, you’re not going to have either of those things. Get a weather radio, put the batteries in it, and be prepared. My weather radio has this crank thing to make it have more power if there are no batteries, AND it can charge my phone. Best $20 I have spent in awhile!


5. Complacency killed the cat.

If the news team is running 24/7 about the impending hurricane and you still don’t believe it’s coming, I don’t want to live next to you.


6. Games, toys, and other fun things..

In my magical box of hurricane happiness, I put some cheapie games and toys from the dollar store. Checkers, puzzles, word books, coloring books/crayons… these are “special” and only come out when the hurricane comes. See? Always thinking! My kids think the hurricane box of awesomeness is truly a magical place where elves and fairies have dropped pixie dust…because they play checkers?!?! I wouldn’t advise playing games that require much movement or action though…once the power goes out, you won’t have air conditioning and it gets hot fast!


7. Putting tape on your windows will not, in any way, save you from losing windows.

Trust me.


8. Call your medical supply company if the Big One is coming.

Tell them what’s going on. They may be able to send you extra supplies or batteries for equipment. We have an extra feeding pump that is always fully charged…just in case. Again, forethought is better than hindsight.


9. Fill your prescriptions!

If you are close to the part of the month when it’s prescription time, go on and get them filled. If the neighborhood is littered in trees and debris, you’re not getting out to go pick that prescription up.


10. Momma has to remain calm.

Even if you’re freaking out inside, the children don’t need to see it. Put on your smile and head out to get things done. During the storm, sing songs, keep your ears open for news, but keep the kids from hearing too much. Especially your special needs child…they tend to worry too much (oh does he ever!) anyway. Keep the kids busy and safe.


We are fully prepared should we receive more this year than we already have. 6 days of non stop rain and wind—made us a bit stir crazy. Our pool is also serving as a frog…how should I say this…House of Ill Repute. Who wants tadpoles!?!?!

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