The Bubble Bursts…

Sometimes, I lose my words.

Like someone popped my beautiful bubble that I worked so hard to get right.

Or I feel like the sky is closing in on me.

Actually, I feel like I’m the kid with the black cloud that only rains on me.

(Pity party, table for 1?)

So many times, on this journey, I have these huge highs….that are followed by the lowest lows. I fight hard, I play hard, I love hard…and then I get kicked in the teeth.


YAY: the insurance approved the wheelchair!

BOO: they’re not sure when we can actually have it (4-12 weeks is the estimate).


YAY: the school district approved hospital homebound for him.

BOO: But they don’t want to update his IEP until the week school starts (don’t even get me started on this!)


YAY: found a developmental psychiatrist we love.

BOO: the office just called to tell me she’s quit the practice.


Do you suffer from Black Cloud Syndrome?


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