Photographing Children [with Special Needs] ~ Preface

Our column, Photographing Children [with special needs], is suppose to begin May 26. Let’s call this post the preface.

Do you remember that as a child playing was your life?

In the mind of a child nothing is more important than play and having fun. Remember that. It will serve you well when photographing children regardless of their ages.

If you are receptive to play while photographing a child, he will grant you entrance into his world. Once inside you will love the moments you capture.


Your first little challenge:

Forget the fancy dials on your camera. Forget the program modes such as portrait and action. Forget shutter speed, aperture and ISO.

Put that camera in full auto mode and snap photos while playing with your child. Remember to truly play no half-hearted attempt.

You’re saying, but I have tweens/teens? (me, too) Snap photos while you hang out doing whatever. They’ll let you in, eventually, if you’re genuinely in the moment with them. If not…

Let go of the camera. Give it to your teen and encourage self-portraits. You will not only get creative photos…you’ll gain insight.

Several times this week do the auto thing rather than worrying whether or not you’re capturing the perfect shot. I’m willing to speculate that a perfect shot or two will emerge.
  • Add a few of your photos to our flickr group . You must have a flickr account of your own to upload images. Basic account is free.
  • Then…during the coming week be sure to pop back to this post and leave links to your favorite images so we may easily find them in the group.
Everyone enjoys looking at photos. It’s inspirational. It fuels creativity.

See you back right here with those photo links.

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