Little Pitchers Have Big Ears

Hubby and I have always tried to be careful about what we discuss in front of the guys, because you never know what might be repeated at a future date (and at the worst possible time).

When we were kids, my older brother–the smartypants–fancied himself as the joke expert in the family. Whenever anyone ELSE would tell a joke, he’d retort, “That’s as old as my grandma, and she farts dust!”

Needless to say, when Grandma came to visit and older brother was trying to entertain her with his wit, that exact phrase came back to haunt him when it popped out of my 6-year-old brother’s mouth in response. Ouch!

Little pitchers and all…

Some months ago, my ex-husband asked for a copy of Little Guy’s medical records and evaluations. His oldest in his second family was having some developmental issues and was being evaluated for Asberger’s Syndrome (which is a form of high-functioning autism).

After zipping him off his copies, I talked about it with Hubby. I was a bit perplexed that ex didn’t want a copy of Big Kid’s records as well, especially since there have been many instances of ADHD being misdiagnosed as Asberger’s and vice versa, and there is a strong family history of ADD/ADHD. In fact, many of ex’s son’s symptoms mirrored Big Kid’s at that age—-impulsivity, running amok, defiance, inability to sit still, lack of attention, etc.

We went on to discuss Big Kid and where he’s at now at the age of 21. The med regimen he started last August has been a great combination—the new stimulant he takes for ADHD doesn’t set off his bipolar and make him manic, and he hasn’t had a rage attack in months. Fortunately (or unfortunately) it hasn’t dulled his personality—he’s still the same ornery, contrary cuss he’s always been.

Or as we say from time to time between ourselves—“there IS no pill for a$$hole”.

So Little Guy comes home from school the other day, and we chat while we’re making dinner.

“Did you know that Hot Cutie (his girlfriend) has a disability?”

He was agog.

Well, Honey, so do you.

“You mean I don’t have autism? I have a disability instead?”

Eek. This needed some sit-down time. I tried to explain that the term disability encompasses a wide range of conditions, while the term autism was more or less specific. He has autism, and so does Hot Cutie. His friend XXXX has a physical disability and uses a wheelchair. His brother Big Kid has a disability which is completely different (didn’t want to get into all of the specifics so I left it at that).

Then I asked if he understood what I was trying to say.

He was thrilled that it all clicked for him and he nodded enthusiastically.

“I have autism and it’s a disability. Hot Chick has autism and it’s a disability. Big Kid has a disability too.

…Mom, does Big Kid have A$$holeberger’s Syndrome?”


Gonna go wash my mouth out with soap now.

Carol Brady would be so ashamed.


Although this was originally written last year for Blogging Against Disabilism Day on my personal blog, I couldn’t think of a better way to introduce the “characters” who inhabit my home and my heart. Looking forward to introducing the others and getting to know you and your families in the future!
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