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My kids are still in school for another few days gathering knowledge, soaking up every last bit of tidbit they can. They are disheartened to be leaving the loving embrace of math tests. And oh how they will pine for spelling tests. I can hear it now, “No, Momma, we don’t want to go swimming, can we PLEASE, have a spelling test?”



My kids still show up in school daily but I can assure you their brains have not attended with them. Their brains are already immersed in the concept of the impending summer break. The level of ready for summer vacation that my kids are is roughly the same level of ready I am to win the lottery.

This has prompted the Momma panic of whatever shall we do to keep ourselves entertained this summer. So, around the Blogosphere I went, looking for ideas…


Let’s see what we have here…

Well, I love the rainbow jars idea over at The Rowdy Pea.

Or, we can go on a nature walk and look for all sorts of cool creepy, crawly fun things. The Magnifying Glass has some great ideas and suggestions!

Summer camp is always great, especially when it is designed for special needs kids! Big Fun Gymnastics has a great one…wish we lived closer!

And the Book of Days over at Blue Yonder Ranch has a bazillion great ideas for some quality, family time.

Our soon-to-be summer is looking good so far. How about you? Got a fun summer idea? A great post? A giveaway? Pop it into Mr Linky down there and share it with us or feel free to email me at [email protected]

Happy summer, y’all!

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