Great Math Tools for Accommodating Learning

I received a question about option for number pads and calculators for the computer. The need was to isolate the number keys so the letter keys weren’t being hit.

As I got to looking at some options, I thought I might as well share my ideas with you. If you know of some cool apps for this or tricks, share them in the comment section below!

I left have big button calculators, but they are great tools too. It just depends on what you are wanting to do. The question I received came from a computer keyboard need.

You could use small pvc pipe and elbows and ends to make a “stand” that covers the part of the keyboard you don’t want and leave the numbers at the end. I made one a few years back to cover the keyboard on a laptop – pretty simple – I covered it with foam board from a craft store and covered it with felt. We used it as a flat surface and used velcro to fasten jelly bean switches on it. (Thanks Linda Burkhart!)

Another option is a mini USB pad – here is one for $20 at Target online

I use Comfort Software’s on-screen keyboard. They have many editable on-screen keyboards and like one that is a number pad only – you can download the program and get a whole suite of keyboards, word prediction, and you can change the size and customize.

I put a screen shot of one at the top of this post. The program has a preview download version to try out. I think you can stay in evaluation mode as long as you want to put up with the start-up sales stuff. Their website is:

This site has all kinds of calculators for different purposes so definitely check them out.

Last but not least, I will refer you again to the Calcu Type online switch activated scanning calculator which is another great on computer math accommodation tool .

All the best to you!



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