Volume Control (and lack thereof)

Son ScreamingSome days, I swear I’m looking for the remote or the volume control.

And no, it’s not for my TV, it is for my son.

My son who abhors loud noises; the one who in every movie we have ever seen in a theatre has to cover his ears for most of the movie. The one who hates the shrill sound of the fire drill at school.

THAT son.

When we are home, I hear him from every corner of the house. If I am standing at the front door, I can hear him yelling in the office. Granted, we do not live in a Taj Mahal or anything, but if you are in the office there is a fairly good chance that if the doorbell rings you will not hear it. He is loud, and not just in voice. Sometimes he feels the need to laugh at something he sees. His laugh is forced, and he feels the need to laugh loudly so you understand that he thinks what he is watching is funny. Almost like canned laughter, but louder.

He will scream in the car sitting right next to you if what you say he doesn’t like, or he is scared of anything you say or see.

I don’t understand.

I’ve tried talking to him. I’ve tried showing him by recording his voice what he sounds like. He doesn’t care.

“I’m just being me, Mom!” he says.

I know that. I know that it is him, and it has not been easy to show him differently. He doesn’t want to hear it.

He, apparently, just wants to hear the sound of his voice. He also wants the people two counties over to hear it too.

Pass the earplugs, please?

Also, am I the only one dealing with this? Are there other parents looking for the volume control in their children? Am I the ONLY one who is constantly shushing her child?

Am I?

Shash is trying every remote control in her house to find the one that will at the very least turn down the volume of her children so she can enjoy a quiet moment the family pool. Click over to Diary of a Crazed Mommy to read more about her life and her amazing family.

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