Try This Tuesday #54: Mikey Likes It!

Try This Tuesday

Nothing earth shattering going on around here except that in that past week, my son has ingested three servings of blueberries. Pretty amazing for a kid that had declared a ban on all fruits and vegetables and would cry at the request to try even a new variety of candy.

I have seen a greater willingness to try new foods over the past few months and decided I was going to start pushing fruits again to see what would happen.

So I put a few blueberries (seven, to be exact) on his plate with lunch the other day. He was upset at first but then agreed to try one in exchange for one of his favorite candies. He ended up eating all of them in exchange for additional candy.

I offered them again at dinner and he said he would eat them if he could have more candy. I agreed, and down the hatch they went. The next day at lunch I asked if he wanted blueberries again, and he accepted and ate them without even asking about a treat.

Of course, I was very calm and just went about my business, but inside I was doing a little happy dance!

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