The Apple May Not Fall Far From the Tree

So I went to this little thing called BlogHer this past weekend and I had a great time.

No, really, I did.


I noticed some things about me while I was there.

  • I talk too much. Like as in OVERSHARE. Like I discuss something until it can’t be discussed no more. And then I keep trying in a roundabout way.
  • I’m a boob job away from being just like Jenny McCarthy except replace vaccines with educational advocacy, and you’ve got me. (This one kind of scares me)
  • I’m okay in crowds so long as I’m not in the middle of one. I get panicked and I have to leave or find the perimeter and just move around it. If I’m in a small room and it is crowded, I have to leave. Period.
  • When I had my camera on my wrist, I noticed I played with it more than if I just led it in my hand without the strap.
  • Depending on the subject, my filter goes missing. It’s the strangest thing…
Now while these things are not necessarily bad things, I have to wonder just how alike Spiff and I are when you break it down. I know when you have a child you check to make sure they have all their fingers and toes, what color eyes they will have, and whether or not they will take on the best and worst of your attitudes.

So I have to wonder if these things are the best, or the worst of me. Or maybe it just doesn’t matter.

What are some of the things your kids do that are similar to the things you do?


Shash is recovering for her trip to BlogHer and hopes she’ll be caught up on sleep very soon. Click over to Diary of a Crazed Mommy to read more about her life and her amazing family.

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