Activeion Pro: A Giveaway!

Imagine cleaning your house, and killing bacteria, with plain ‘ol water.

Yup. Simple H2O.

Can’t be done you say?


Think again.

The Activeion Pro uses cold tap water – and magically charges the ions in that water to attract the gunk on your counter, in your microwave, or even on your skin.

One of the Activeion execs told me she uses it to clean up her toddler after meals!

Okay. So maybe there is a bit more science involved than just that. Allow my bud, Bill, to explain:

Because it uses plain tap water, this device is eco-friendly and safe. There are no harsh chemicals, and there is no need to continue to purchase bottles of cleaning products – so the Activeion Pro is recession-friendly as well.

(The initial purchase price may give you a moment’s pause at $299 – but consider all the different products at $3.00 a pop that end up in the shopping cart, and ultimately down the drain!, every grocery trip.)

But you will never again have to worry about “running out of cleaner” mid-job – just turn on your tap to refill the Activeion Pro chamber to continue cleaning.


I can clean my home without the use of chemicals that irritate the underdeveloped lungs of little kids with trachs. What comes out of the Activeion Pro is safe enough to drink!


My slave labor 14 year old admiring the sparkling clean shower!

I have cleaned the stove top – wow-za! on the easy wiping up of food spatters, I have cleaned the bathtub, the shower, the kitchen counters, the kitchen cabinets, the microwave oven, the nasty corners on on our zillions of feet of chair railing and baseboards, the TV screen, the bathroom mirror, Parker’s crib, and OUR CARPET.

Yup. You read that right. I use this little beauty to clean up medication spills….and everything else….right out of our carpet.

When used as directed, the Activeion Pro eliminates greater than 99.9% of harmful bacteria!

And if that is not enough to make you seriously giddy with delight, the amazing folks over at have generously offered a 5MFSN reader their very own Activeion Pro!

All you have to do is go and watch this short video at and then come back and tell me one thing you learned. Easy, no?

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Winner to be announced Saturday, September 26th!

This is not a compensated review. However we did receive a FREE ActiveIon Pro in order to review it. Cause it is kinda hard to review something you can’t actually use. Ya know?

And we LOVE it!

Offer available in the U.S. only!

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