Picture Lovers Anonymous

Hello. My name is Deborah and I am a picture addict. Back in February, I hinted at my addiction in my post about Works of Art, but now I am admitting openly that I have way too many pictures of my children displayed in my home.

Ok, I hear you scoffing – how can a mother have too many pictures displayed? Well, when dusting takes an entire Saturday afternoon, or when my now 19 year old son complains because his naked baby-on-a-bear-rug picture is still front and center, I think I might indeed have a problem.

(that is not my son on the bear rug – he would disown me if I put his picture up!)

When you take into account that I have four children, you can imagine how many pictures that turns into. There are school pictures, baby pictures, professional pictures, candid shots, and for good measure, throw in the framed artwork from my children’s school art classes, and I finally have to admit my problem.

But I think I have come up with a solution. This past weekend, I took all my pictures and put them into a pile in the middle of my living room floor. I then divided the pile into three smaller piles. One of the piles of pictures went back on the wall or sitting on a surface. The other two piles went into two separate drawers in an unused armoire.

My plan is to change out the pictures every 3-4 months, exchanging one pile for another. I’m thinking this is a good way to display all my pictures throughout the year, just not all at one time.

Until I start having grandchildren, that is….

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