Support Group

I have a great support system in my life. Really, we do. It is made up of family, good friends, best friends, teachers, neighbors, co-workers and well, you.

Thank you to those who see my son in public and don’t judge his mannerisms and then in turn judge us.

Thank you to family who loves us just as we are, whether we are medicated or not.

Thank you to friends who surround us with their friendship, and after a while, their love.

Thank you to the teachers past and present; those who showed us another viewpoint, and those who wanted to get to know him better. Thank you most especially to those teachers who took the lessons they learned from Spiff and applied them to the next class and the next student who was helped just that much more by the lessons learned from teaching my son.

Thank you to the Specialists, the Therapists and any other -ists I’m forgetting. The list is long and varied. The doors you have opened for us, there are not enough thanks to give.

Thank you to the kids who have stuck by Spiff, even when they put themselves right up there with him on that childhood firing squad.

Thank you to those who have helped him navigate the treacherous waters of life and who always have his back.

Thank you to the understanding employers, the accommodating co-workers, who while not exactly thrilled to carry the load, are willing to carry some extra when it matters.

Thank you to those in our life that cheer us on when we are at our lowest. You have no idea the push that gives us to keep going.

Thank you for listening. Whether it’s the story that never ends, or the tears of frustration over the phone, or the moments that make our hearts soar, you hear it all.

Thank you for reading this. Most of all, thank you for being you.

We’re thankful for you.

Shari can be found here at 5 Minutes for Special Needs every Wednesday. When she remembers, she tries to regularly update at her own site, Diary of a Crazed Mommy.

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