“Ewwww, he drooled on me”


That’s my four-year-old talking about her big brother, Max. Sometimes, when they’re playing together, Max accidentally drools on her. And she thinks it’s gross. “Honey, he didn’t do it on purpose,” I’ll tell her. “It just happens sometime. Maybe you can help wipe his mouth next time.”

Max drools pretty regularly throughout the day. He’s not aware of it and so usually it just hangs from his lip until it drops onto his shirt or I lean over and wipe it with my shirtsleeve. I do this without thinking; I don’t notice the drool anymore. Unless Sabrina says something, or I realize his bib and shirt are sopping wet or other kids comment.

We ordered special patches Max could wear on his neck to dry up his mouth. I haven’t had the heart to use them yet; I don’t want to put him at any discomfort just so he can look like a “typical” kid and spare his sister close encounters with drool.

I just don’t think I need to “fix” every little thing about my child. He’s not perfect. None of us are. Why pretend?

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