Do you take good care of your health?

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I am still shocked and saddened by the news that Anissa Mayhew, one of the writers here, suffered a stroke. I’ve been sending thoughts and prayers her way.

It’s gotten me thinking about my own health, I have to say. I spend so much time caring for Max (who had a stroke at birth) that I have little energy or will left to take care of myself. I have a feeling I am far from the only mom of a kid with special needs like this.

Thing is,  I need to be around to take care of Max for a long, long time. And I am not the healthiest right now. I need to lose weight, I don’t get my vitamins, my cholesterol level is damn scary.

So today, I am thinking about Anissa, and I hope she will someday know that she’s inspired this mom to care for herself a little more.

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