keep away from these ears!

You know the Beans and Franks guy on “There’s Something about Mary”, right? The one who flips out when someone touches his ears? That’s my Bear. she hates it when anyone touches her neck or ears. she convulses wildly if we try to tickle her. Offenders will be shot on the premises.
Why am I telling you this you ask? To explain the filth that lies behind.

dirt behind earsdirt behind ears
You wouldn’t believe the crust on her head! Did you see the football lacing on the right side? That her shunt scar. It’s an inverted horseshoe about 2 inches in diameter. I digress.

Bear loves bath time. Bear loves pool time. Despite this affinity for water, she loathes the washcloth. It’s alligator wrestling to get her scrubbed down. I need to oil her up to get this most recent layer of scuzzy brown gunk off her head but I have NO idea how to go about the task. Sedatives have crossed my mind….

Photo Courtesy Astacia Carter

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