Christmas Lists – Autism Style

What do your kids want for Christmas? I’ll never forget the year Matthew asked Santa for a drain. “A train?” Santa aked. “No,” Matthew said, “a drain.”

A train? No, a drain.

"A train?" "No, a drain."

I asked fans of A REGULAR GUY: GROWING UP WITH AUTISM on facebook to tell me about their child’s holiday wishes over the years. Here are some of my favorites:

  • My son wants play dough (he makes incredible TINY sculptures) goldfish crackers and a hammer.
  • Power bars, extension cords, a green light bulb, and Mike and Ikes.
  • 18 books on all the different types of Mythology from South American to Chinese.
  • A yellow sweat suit and a spatula. He wanted to be a fry cook like Sponge Bob.
  • My son asked for a thermometer, so he could know the temperature of the air at all time.
  • I was helping my son write his letter to Santa, the first thing he said he wanted from Santa was peanuts.
  • A waffle.
  • Last Christmas my son asked for a garbage disposal. This Christmas it’s carpet- any kind of carpet.
  • My 18 year old son is into anything and everything related to AC/DC which is a age appropriate until one realizes the degree of obsessiveness involved.
  • DVD boxes, not the DVDs themselves.
  • My 24 year old asked for dish soap.
  • A calendar, Pop Tarts and drum sticks.

What are your children wishing for?



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