Seen Any Adorable Kid Faces?

Have you seen any adorable kid faces? You have? Well snap some photos and enter one of them in the Special Exposure Model Search Photo Contest.

Enter a photo of a child living with special challenges that you think would invoke an “Awwww, how delightful. I should check out this Special Exposure Wednesday thing” emotion from viewers. A camera may or may not be included in your image. The Polaroid-ish frame itself and photo meme name make connections to photography.

For complete details and helpful hints on how to enter a photo of your child or any child you have photographed, visit the contest post.

Please keep in mind that while 5 Minutes for Special Needs and our weekly photo meme, Special Exposure Wednesday, welcomes and includes photography by all parents, this photo contest is seeking photos of children living with special needs.

The original photo contest deadline has been extended to 11:59PM EST Saturday, August 30. We think frazzled parental mental status induced by the back-to-school frenzy warrants the extension. We’re all about cutting some slack.

Go on, snap some adorable images…choose one photo to enter for the chance to be featured on the Special Exposure Wednesday blog button with photo credit and linky love from 5 Minutes for Special Needs.


If you have already entered a photo for the contest, please double check and be certain you have followed all three steps in bold-type of the contest entry post. Some photo entries have not been added to the Special Exposure Wednesday Flickr group, and I cannot add them for you. They will be missed when the judging begins.

Likewise, if you have placed a photo in the Flickr group but have not tagged it “Special Exposure Model Search”, it will be missed in judging.

Please follow all instructions in the contest post. Just a friendly heads-up. Thanks.

Melody can be found writing here at 5MFSN every Tuesday in addition to hosting Special Exposure Wednesday. She can also be found at Slurping Life.

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