A Little Bit Of This and a Little Bit Of That


I’ve never been one to color within the given lines.

And I don’t teach within them either.

I’ve always chosen to take a customized approach to teaching. I love that with the opportunity of homeschooling Parker comes the opportunity of creating a made to fit curriculum.

Using a little bit of this and a little bit of that.

Here are some really great ‘little bits’ with a Montessori approach:


Activity Bags on the Cheap.




Studying certain states? This postcard book is an excellent learning activity to utilize those postcards your child sends away for.


Looking for ways to incorporate art throughout your curriculum? Read this interview with Montessori Mama.


And I bet this will give you a whole new take on cauliflower.

Tamy and Parker also hang out at their other blog, Praying For Parker.

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