My yellow labrador Callie likes me, but she doesn’t love me. She’ll cuddle with anyone in the family but me, and it really bothers me.

We think it’s because I am the one who puts drops and ointment in her right ear when a recurring infection starts bothering her. My husband, Peter, suggested that she might love me if someone else had “ear duty,” but I know my dog. She has a good memory. She cowers when I walk into the kitchen, the place where I first administered the ear drops 3 years ago. There is no point in making her nervous about anyone else in the family.

Callie before ear drops

Callie before ear drops

Our last dog, a black lab named  Katie, followed me everywhere. She look naps with me an looked after me when I was sick or sad. When Matthew had a meltdown and I cried, she licked me sypatetically. When my mother died, Katie was the first one to comfort me. Katie loved me.

I’d been thinking about getting another dog–a black lab puppy–until I read this article in the New York Times.

You all see the parallel, of course.

So I am going to accept Callie for who she is. And if a nice black lab find me someday, that will be just fine.


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