A Friendship Story: Part 1

Matthew has lived in the  Camphill Community near Santa Cruz for a year now, and he comes home for a weekend each month to take part in “Reachin’ Out”, a social gathering for  teens and young adults with special needs that is held at our church.
When I pick him up that first Friday of the month, we stop at the bakery for  “two peanut butter cookies to go, please”, and  begin our hour and a half drive home with a tedious discussion about the origins of the song “Pretty Woman”.

Who did Roy Orbison write it about, and why did Van Halen also sing the song? Was Eddie Van Halen singing it about Valerie Bertinelli? Did Roy Orbison ever get to meet David Lee Roth? Was David Lee Roth sad when Roy Orbison died? It is a draining conversation to maintain, but I hang in there. So many of my friends have children that are non-verbal and would give anything  for the kind of interaction I have with Matthew.

This past weekend, after we wrapped up our Roy Orbison discussion, Matthew told me he couldn’t wait for the Super Bowl.

“I didn’t know you were a football fan,” I said.
“All men are football fans,” said Matthew with a conspiratorial grin,”and they go to Super Bowl parties,”
I felt a little panicky because my husband was out of town for the weekend , and my high school aged son John had a paper to write, and had no plans to watch the game. I hadn’t planned on celebrating the Super Bowl, and even if I did, it was clear that Matthew intended to party elsewhere-and without his mother.I told Matthew that I didn’t know about any Super Bowl parties, and he said not to worry.

“I’ll call my friends tomorrow.”



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