Adventures in PDA


So, here’s the thing about my little boy, Max: He doesn’t yet get social boundaries. Like, he doesn’t understand that you’re not supposed to go up to people and pat their shirts if you think their shirts are a nice color (purple, his current obsession). It also became clear to me recently that he has no PDA boundaries, either.

We went to a dance at his school. Max spotted this other kid he adores. I watched from afar as Max ran up to him and tried to kiss his cheek, only he missed and he kissed his hair. Not to be deterred, Max tried again, this time landing a big wet one on his cheek. I mean, really wet. Then he did it again. The next thing I know, Max has run over to another kid and is trying to kiss him too.

By this point, I was cracking up. I mean, I probably would have intervened if there was tongue involved, but that wasn’t going to be an issue because Max isn’t so adept about using his. As I write this, I am giggling at the thought of Max’s speech therapist teaching him how to tongue kiss when he is a teen.

Wow, I am far less mature than I thought I was. With no plans whatsoever to stop Max the Kissing Bandit.

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