Keeping your eye on the ball

For the first time in a week I had time to read my email, and it threw me into a tizzy.

“Will you help with the fundraiser?”

“Will you be at the meeting?”

“You signed up to bring 400 cookies to play practice tomorrow.Will you please have the cookies divided into 40 portion size baggies.”

“We’d love you join our book club. Can you host next week? There will be 30 of us and so far no one has read the book.”



I sat paralyzed at my computer. After 5 minutes I switched over to my calendar and froze for 5 minutes more. I was jolted out of my trance by the distinctive ring I had recently chosen for my Blackberry–the ring that meant Matthew was calling. He was calling to discuss the unusual weather pattern on the east coast, and to remind me make that “good roast beef” when he came home the following week for a visit.

Moments after the call ended, my son John, who is a junior in high school, arrived home from school. He was anxious to talk with me about the classes he had picked for his senior year. Could I make him a milkshake and look at his list?

Just as we sat down to talk things over, Andy, now a senior in college, called to ask about flights for his trip home for spring break.

“Just think!” he exclaimed, “this will probably be the last time I come home, like to live! Next year I’ll be in my own place.”

Somehow I managed to get through the call without crying and was even able to reassure John that senior year would be a breeze.

Then I went back to my computer and replied “NO” “no” “NO!” and “I’m sorry, no” to my emails.

I am one person. I am a mother. I have the most important job in the world and I love it. My boys love that I love it.

The committees can wait.




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