Which personality traits get you through?


We’re away on a Disney adventure as you read this, first a mini cruise, then a few days at the park. Last time we were at Disney World, two years ago, Max refused to go on any rides except the race-car track in the Magic Kingdom. He was terrified of everything else. Even “It’s A Small World.”

I’m not worried he’ll wig out this time around. Because I’ve got hope. Max has matured these last couple of years, and I’m thinking he might be up for exploring a few more rides.

I worry a lot about Max. More than I let on to anyone, even my husband. But always, I have hope. It buoys me and prevents me from drowning in my anxieties. I also usually manage to keep my sense of humor about things. Well, mostly.

And if Max doesn’t end up going on any rides except the race-car track? I’ll be cool with that. Because I also have acceptance, a late-onset trait; I didn’t actually have much of that at all until Max was born. Over the years, though, I have learned to accept the realities of life with Max and go with them, instead of getting stuck on the might-have-beens.

I’m still working on the patience thing.

So, your turn: Which personality traits most help you with raising a child who has special needs?

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