Special Equipment for Vehicles: Need YOUR Ideas!

Over in the Blog Frog Special Needs Forum, Michelle asks:

Hello all,

My child is three years and diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. Currently he has a wheel chair and can not sit or walk and transporting him is getting harder and harder because of his weight. He still fits in a child seat but lifting him in the vehicle is hard and will continue to get harder due to his size….and mine (113 lbs). So we have to go vehicle shopping for a van with extra space.

Does anyone have a child that is currently in a wheel chair and has gone through the process of special equipment that is useful.

Is there a site that can help financially with this money burden. Any help or examples would be greatly appreciated!


I know many of our readers have gone through this exact same process that Michelle is now embarking on.

How about sharing your knowledge and experience in the comment section below.

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