No, we don’t have special needs cooties


I was at an event the other day with a bunch of bloggers. I struck up a conversation with another mom; when I mentioned my blog, she said, “Oh! I know that blog! I read it.” Pause. “But I don’t have a kid with special needs.”


Why oh why did she have to mention that?! It’s not the first time I’ve heard something like this; over the years, plenty of other moms have made remarks along those lines. That includes moms whose kids were experiencing developmental delays and who’ve said things to me such as, “She needs some therapy but nothing serious, she doesn’t have special needs or anything.” !!! It’s as if they feel the need to separate themselves from Max and me because—eek!—we have the special needs cooties. It’s as if Max’s cerebral palsy is catchy. It’s as if they must reassure themselves that they are not part of the special life we lead.

I didn’t say anything, though inside I steamed.

Tell me that’s not so annoying?!

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