The boob tube and our kids


Kids aren’t supposed to watch more than two hours of TV a day, according to The American Academy of Pediatrics. I’ve always wondered, though, if that time recommendation should be less for kids with special needs. Watching TV probably isn’t doing their brains much good, even if they’re so-called educational programs.

I use the TV as a babysitter in the morning, when I’m getting ready to go to work; Max likes Blue Clues, and he watches it while I shower. Otherwise, he doesn’t watch TV during the weekdays, maybe once in a while in the evening but rarely. The weekend is another story: he’ll watch it for an hour or so on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Then he’ll watch DVDs in the mini van. Then he and my husband will play with the Wii. Then sometimes, if I run out to do errands, I’ll come back to find everyone gathered in front of the TV. “We’re relaxing!” my husband will say. Right.

How much TV do your kids watch?

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