Where do you go on summer vacation?

Before I had kids, I loved planning trips almost as much as liked going on them. Researching places, hotels and things to do were all part of the thrill. Now that we have kids, summer vacations are a whole other kind of fun, and there’s a lot less planning. That’s because Max is most comfortable at places he already knows. So while we do go on little trips to different destinations throughout the year, every summer we go to one place he loves best. It’s a resort on the Jersey Shore, Seapointe Village.

We’ve been coming here since Max was two and Sabrina was a baby. “Eeash house” Max calls it (beach house). It’s a beautiful place with condos, pools and even a morning day camp, and it’s right on the beach. There’s also a boardwalk nearby with rides and miniature golf galore. It’s bliss for both kids.

I’m perfectly happy too, although my wanderlust side would like to try somewhere new. But there’s a lot to be said about a place that makes Max comfortable. As much as we try not to center our lives around him, the truth is that when he’s happy, everyone is.

What kind of places do your kids enjoy on vacation?

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