Your Thoughts?

I need your advice.

This past weekend, my boys and I took a trip to Baltimore and left Ashley at home with her aide. The aide has been with Ashley for five years, so I am quite comfortable with the two of them spending the weekend together. Here is a picture of Ashley and her aide:


Halfway through our tip, I check my email and see a Facebook friend request from….Ashley! Although I have a Facebook account, none of my children do, or did. I accepted the friend request, and then went immediately to see what Ashley’s Facebook page looked like.

I found about a dozen pictures of her that the aide had uploaded. I found information about the city and state in which we live, the high school that she attends, and I found Ashley’s birthday. I immediately got a funny feeling in the pit of my stomach.

So, here’s where I need advice. Do you think the aide should have set up this account without asking me? And, how do you feel about children having their own Facebook accounts?

I know there can be an argument made that having a Facebook account helps a child with disabilities connect with children without disabilities, but really….is that true? So far, the only people who have ‘friended’ Ashley or sent comments are adults. And, keep in mind that Ashley is deafblind. The chances of her using Facebook independently to ‘connect’ with her friends are low.

Is there more value or more harm in a child with significant disabilities having an account? Do any of your children have a Facebook presence, and if so, how did you decide it was ok?

Am I making a mountain out of a molehill?

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