Don’t you just want to scream when you hear parents say how much they LOVE summer?

“It is so wonderful to have NO schedule for a change!” they say.


Those of us with children with special needs know that life without a schedule is hellish. I’ve worked hard over the years to set up a program for Matthew to make summer days more manageable, but there were always those dreaded days with absolutely NOTHING on the calendar.

For those of you who are saying “Yes, Laura, today is one of those days. What should I do?” I have the following suggestions:

  1. Take bikes, trikes and scooters to your local school playground, sit in the shade challenge the kids to relay races. If you can bring a boom box and play THIS song, I promise you’ll have a great time.
  2. Set up a few tables with butcher paper and put out water colors and paint. (I found poster paint to be too messy). Hose everyone down after.
  3. We live near tons of hiking trails. Go for hikes and then straight to the swimming pool. This is something that guaranteed a nice long rest period in the afternoon.
  4. Train rides!
  5. Set up an obstacle course in your back yard with cones, sprinklers, hula hoops etc. Play this song while your kids race around.

Would love some ideas from you!


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