We’re learning our letters

As a Fall birthday kid, Bear received the luxury of an extra year in preschool. I am so glad. This allowed us to kick back and focus on one aspect of her development each year.

We did not have this planned out in her first IEP. It all fell into place as the years progressed. The caring environment combined with knowledgeable staff challenged her to learn more everyday.

Towards the end of year two, she visited the developmental pediatrician that changed out outlook on her potential. We have always known she is an intelligent child trapped in an uncooperative body. Her problem solving slash adaptive skills have been above par all her life.

I went in just wanting a third party behavioral assessment. I worked with typical preschoolers as my profession, I could not get an effective disciplinary angle on my non-typical child. I thought I needed a few tips on how to get on her level. He gave us the key to boosting her to a new level.

I never expected him to prescribe her something. I was hesitant and skeptical. Off-label usage is fine for myself but for my kid, I wasn’t so sure. Then I saw how much it helped her whirring motor. She began speaking. Albeit in her own babble but that was more than we’d had in five years. Her teachers liked how responsive she was to directions and new concepts.

Bear is now on a daily dose of Concerta XR. She will be old enough according to the AAP and FDA in a few months.

Photo courtesy Astacia Carter.

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