5 Minutes for Special Needs Books

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Welcome to 5 Minutes for Special Needs Books, a place to discuss some of the many special needs books on the market, and better yet, to share copies of books! There are so many to look at that beginning this month, the column will run weekly. I’ll either be discussing a new book, or announcing winners, each Monday.

This week’s selection is Yoga for the Special Child: A Therapeutic Approach for Infants and Children With Down Syndrome, Cerabral Palsy, and Learning Disabilities by Sonia Sumar. In her book, Sumar draws on the yogic principle that intellect, mobility, and the senses are connected, and that improved development in one area affects all areas.

The book includes a glossary, personal histories (including Sumar’s experiences with her own daughter), and illustrated, step-by-step instructions. It also includes things you should do, and should not do, when working with your child.

If you don’t know anything about yoga but want to learn, then this book is a great place to begin. Some of the language is awkward, and some of the black-and-white photographs feel dated (probably because it was published in 1998), but what I love about this book is that it provides a way for parents to connect with their very young children, even babies, in a gentle and loving way.

If you’re interested in checking this book out for yourself, leave your name in the comments and I’ll choose a winner at random. And as always, Happy Reading!

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