A Very Special T-Shirt

Have I mentioned before that T-shirts talk to me? Well, one T-shirt does. It’s a shame really because other than this little quirk, I’m a mostly normal person.

So the talking T-shirt? It belongs to Charlie (of course)My brother gave it to him years ago and it’s fro a company called Threadless. The T-shirt features a rhinoceros running on a treadmill while looking at a picture of a unicorn. It’s a funny T-shirt. Who can’t relate to wanting to be better? Personally, I’ve had a picture of Jessica Simpson in a green dress taped to my fridge for years.

rhino shirt

At one point, though, the shirt hit a bit of a sour note with me. I saw Charlie as that rhinoceros–constantly pushing through PT, OT, and more–running on an endless treadmill. But then I looked a little closer and thought a little harder and I realized something.

Unicorns are imaginary.

And it made me think–that perfection we’re all looking for? It isn’t real. The secret isn’t running and huffing and puffing to obtain some impossible goal. We need let go of perfection and embrace ourselves–wrinkles and all. If that makes me crazy, then so be it.

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