I have two children.

My eldest is nearly 11 (although, she’s really 10-going-on-70, and I’m totally not kidding). My youngest is nearly 4. They have birthdays a day apart. They have been virtually inseparable since we adopted Jack. Sure, they have their random hissy fits, but for the most part, you’ve never seen sibling love so beautiful.

For example, Monday, Big Child was having some random fever, but acting OK. I took her to the pediatrician anyway. She’s the kid that never gets sick. Verdict: Strep Throat.

This kid, my amazing 70 year old, came home, curled up on the couch, and told me to stay away from her so I would not get Jack sick.

Today, I had to take Jack to finish paying this month’s rent on the pediatrician’s office because he was running a fever, etcetera, etcetera… Verdict: Strep Throat.

So, I have two sickies. One is medically needy, and the other is needy because, let’s face it…who doesn’t need their mom when they are sick?

How do you make it work? How is there effective time management involved here? And for the love of Pete, will someone hand me the Lysol?

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