I beg to differ!

**Updated to correct, it was actually Obama that said that “children are relatively inexpensive to insure.” My apologies.

I’m not going to turn this into a political post. I even promise to keep it short.

It’s not the right forum and it’s not about any one candidates beliefs, I think we’re in trouble either way. However,  I would think that many parents, especially the ones who understand this special needs world, would take great exception to the following words that came from Obama during the Presidential debate this week:

Cost of healthcare“Children are relatively inexpensive to insure.”


Ya think?

I wonder where he comes by this insight.

Because I know a few million parents that would argue THAT one.

But I’m sure that, to a degree, the insurance companies would agree. You know why it’s “inexpensive”? Insurance companies work hard to NOT cover children. I know too many special needs families who spend a fair chunk of their time fighting for the coverage their children are due.

Trying to prove what is medically necessary….having to squeeze the most out of limited benefits…timing the use of physical or occupational therapy because you are allowed so few visits throughout the year…finding out that your child needs a specific medication that doesn’t have a generic form and you are forced to pay full price…life-saving treatments deemed experimental and aren’t coverable…higher co-pays and out-of-pocket limies…the frustrating and futile appeal process to receive benefits for coverage denial.

With the gradual lessening of coverage options with the rise in personal responsibility for medical costs, it’s laughable to think about how inexpensive it is to insure our kids.

Inexpensive for whom?

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