Try This Tuesday #13: What Should I Try?

Try This Tuesday

This week I am turning the tables and asking you for your solutions to a challenge that I am facing. With my son becoming more aware of the ways he is different from the other kids, I am wondering how and when to talk to him about his diagnosis of autism.

He knows that he has a lot more help at school than any of the other kids, and he knows that he needs it. I don’t know if he sees differences in the way he interacts with his peers, but I do see definite issues with his self-esteem. I am wondering if talking directly about some of the issues he is facing would help him feel less like it’s his fault or that he is dumb and a failure.

So I am asking for input from you on what to do and where to start. I am concerned with giving him information that he will broadcast inappropriately, but, even more than that, I am concerned with his emotional health. Any ideas, including what worked for you or what didn’t work for you, are welcome—and thank you in advance for your help.

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