Does your husband spoil your kids? Do you?!

I am always grateful to my husband for taking care of the kids when I’m doing some blog-related activity, like this last weekend when I did a workshop at the Blogalicious conference about blog writing. That said, he is a total marshmallow when it comes to the kids and their requests.

Dave took Max to a mall for a haircut on Sunday and called me from there. “Sabrina and Max want to go to Build-A-Bear,” he said. I think that place is great but, seriously, the last thing my kids need is another teddy bear in their lives. We could open a teddy bear store ourselves, given the dozens in our home.

“Honey, just say no,” I said.

An hour later, I got a message with the subject line “Sorry” and the above photo.

And then, a few minutes later, a message with the subject line “Sorry again” and this photo:

I wasn’t exactly surprised, or peeved, given that he was watching them for the weekend and they did look like they were having the best time.

Still, there’s enjoying time with your kids and there’s spoiling them. And I think sometimes Dave goes a little overboard, not just because he’s a softie but because there is residual grief over what happened to Max, and he is somehow trying to make up for it. I know because I used to be this way—I got Max sooooo many toys early on—but I’ve moved passed it. I don’t want him or Sabrina growing up thinking they can just get what they want.

So, does your husband spoil your kids? Do you?!

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